About Us

4E Builders Corporation is a private firm duly established under the law of the Philippines and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 1997. It is also accredited by the Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board (PCAB). The Company provides various engineering and construction services, from conceptual design, detail design, estimates, construction drawings, construction execution, project supervision, as-built drawing, and maintenance. The company can also include the necessary permit required by various Local Government Units and Executive Agencies. The company engaged various engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in structural, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, and other specialty discipline such as safety engineer, project manager, and computer aided designer. The company maintains manpower with various skills to support small up to large construction project. This manpower has gain extensive experience on diverse construction project and know-how on various materials available in the market. The company has made an alliance with reputable manufacturer and supplier to support the material requirement of the project. The Company also maintains number of heavy equipment and transportation vehicle that compliment it supports to any project undertaking.

The Company envisions itself to be a reliable, valuable, and trustworthy general contractor.
The Company is committed to develop, improve, and continuously enhance the quality of workmanship in order to be competitive in the construction industry by delivering every project engagement on time, within the scope, and reasonable budget and eventually help the client meets its scheduled targets.

● To have a work environment that is challenging, motivating and conducive to enhance the performance of its personnel and stakeholders.

● To have a system, process, policies and procedure that efficiently and effective support the company operation and project engagement.

● To have resource management that meets the requirement of every project engagement.

● To have the financial stability to support project engagement and other company initiatives on expansion of prospects.

● To have the right combination of dependable, quality, and resourceful partners that supports every project engagement and strategic alliances.

● Conduct business transaction with professionalism, sensitive to client cultural background, respect to client preference and belief.

● Create respectful, responsive, trustful working environment.

● Encourage compassionate, respect and concern to every individual.

● Promote teamwork, safety, and productivity to every project undertaking.

4E Builders Corporation

Main Office: Lot 35 Villa Angelica Subdivision, Camarin Road, Caloocan City
Telephone no.: +63 2 9621567 / +63 2 9617947
Telefax: +63 2 9621628
Steel Fabrication Plant: 16 Chrysanthemum Street, Area-C Camarin, Caloocan City
Plant Telephone no.: +63 2 9627762
Email Address: four_ebc@yahoo.com